MACD and EMA Trading Strategy Back Tested with Bitcoin 5 Minute Chart

Trader Pro’s video claimed that MACD+EMA trading strategy performed very well. I wanted to test his assertion and see how it played out with Bitcoin. In this article I will first describe the strategy, then backtest it with last 12 month’s five minute Bitcoin historical price data, afterwards optimize the strategy, and finally test the … Read more

Backtesting Stochastic Oscillator, SMA, and WMA Trading Strategy with Bitcoin

I have seen a video on youtube by Trader Pro that claimed using Stochastic Oscillator, SMA and WMA together would be a very profitable strategy. The video that claimed using 5 minute and hourly data the strategy had a 47% win rate and the returns were 41%. The video is in the references. I wondered … Read more

Simple Moving Average Crossover Strategy Backtest for Bitcoin

SMA Crossover Strategy Conceptual Visualization

Arguably the moving average crossover is the first trading strategy that a new comer to trading systems encounter. In this article I will backtest and then optimize the simple moving average crossover strategy for Bitcoin. First, I will do the analyses for the period of January 1st 2012 – Math 4th 2021 daily historical price … Read more